Please read prior to scheduling your next appointment. By making your next appointment you agree to these conditions.

CANCELLATIONS AND NO SHOWS. These issues create gaps in the Salon schedule that can't be filled without timely notice. Two days advance notice is needed to fill any schedule gaps by contacting other clients on the waiting list. All scheduled clients are required to confirm or cancel their appointments before that 2-day deadline.

Clients who cancel their appointments without proper notice or who do not show up for their confirmed appointments are considered No Shows.

Clients who arrive more than 15 minutes late for an appointment also will be considered as No Shows. If you expect to arrive late, a phone call may be helpful. However, starting a grooming session 15 minutes late may interfere with another client's appointment time. You may be asked to reschedule on another day.

No Shows will be charged 100% of their grooming cost. Payment by cash or credit card is due prior to the start of the next grooming session.

LATE PICKUPS. At this Salon, dogs are groomed one at a time except, possibly, for multiple-dog owners (clients). Turnaround times are typically 1-2 hrs. Grooming times will be estimated at drop off and so, please come on time, not early to pick up. If you must be early, please stay out of sight. If your dog gets too excited, that may interfere with finishing the groom neatly and increase the risk of injury.

Being a home business, this salon can't hold dogs for long periods after groom completion due to Gresham City rules and neighborhood noise. Also, these "extra" dogs may create a safety issue for the next grooming.
A Late Pickup fee of $5 will be charged for every 15-minute period of lateness.


"Stress Free" Grooming

One Dog at a Time

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