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Masako has been grooming our Lhasa Apso for over a year now and we could not be happier. She is a delightful lady with a special way with dogs. She follows your wishes in what you would like in a cut and does an outstanding job in meeting those wishes. We are very pleased with Masako and recommend her to you.

by Dave and Cathy, Fairview, OR

We have been using Masako for a couple of years now and did some shopping around before we found her. We originally went with her because of the price, but I will have to say she has been nothing but spectacular with Nique. Masako only does one dog at a time and spends the additional time needed to do the job right. Our Nique had a skin issue and Masako has been more than willing to work with the veterinarian to narrow down what has been causing the problem. With the attention to detail and the prices at which she charges, we will never go to another. 

by Cynthia, Gresham, OR

I highly recommend taking your dog to BOW WOW HAPPY. Masako is such a sweet person and you can tell she loves her clients dogs. She has one dog there at a time, they are not kept in a cage, and her salon is very neat and clean. I would not take my Riley anywhere else. I feel okay leaving her and know she is being well taken care of. Try her! You won't regret it!

by Adeane, Gresham

Masako is the most incredible groomer I have ever had the pleasure of taking my dog to. She is one on one only and for an owner of a pet who has some pain/hip issues who really needs a gentle groomer with no other distractions, we found our person! We have been coming to Masako for over 4 years and have never experienced anything but professionalism and warmth! Highly recommend!!

by Val , Gresham, OR

Bowwow Happy is a truly wonderful experience for you and your dog. Masako is so skilled and she truly loves dogs - you can tell!! I have been to many groomers over the years, and Bowwow Happy is far superior to any of them. I would heartedly recommend Bowwow Happy for any of your dogs. Because Masako works with only one dog at a time, shy dogs would feel very secure and loved. By all means, try Bowwow Happy!

by Antonia, Gresham, OR

Bowwow Happy is the best groomer in this area. Her business is truly a salon set up for her clients. Always a calm atmosphere. She ONLY works on one client at a time. Dogs are never waiting to be served. She works efficiently and Masako always greets my baby with a friendly smile and encouraging words. There is no doubt that she loves her work. Joy leaves looking adorable.

by Paula, Gresham, OR

The first time I came to Bowwow Happy I stayed while Masako worked on my dog, Erica. I saw first hand how gentle and caring she is. I have gone to Bowwow Happy for a few years now and Masako always does a wonderful job. I often come in with pictures to switch up my Erica's "hair-do". Erica and I are always happy with the outcome.

by Shari, Gresham, OR

I was referred to Misako by a friend and have taken 3 dogs to her regularly for grooming. She not only does a fantastic job at grooming but is loving and kind to the dogs. When we lost our older labs this past year, she cried along with us as she is attached emotionally to all her dogs. Bebe, our remaining dog, had hair from her undercoat hitting the ground and we could not see where her legs were. Misako transformed her into the cutest dog. She is the best.

by Maureen, Boring, OR

My dog Rocky hates to go anywhere so it's comforting to know she is treated very special here. I like it when I call to schedule an appointment at the last minute and Masako does her best to fit Rocky in.

by Kathy, Portland, OR

Masako does a wonderful job grooming. My dog Lacee is always excited to see her. I definitely recommend Bowwow Happy!

by Kamee, Vancouver,WA

Masako is wonderful with my two Toy Poodles. She takes great pride and care in grooming them both. Her salon is very professional and comfortable for both myself and my dogs. She is meticulous and careful - my pooches always look so beautiful and clean when I pick them up. She is organized and very timely. I have tried many groomers and Bow Wow Happy is by far the very best. I highly recommend Masako and her lovely salon.

by Lisa, Fairview, Or

Masako has such a kind heart, and loves Hannah to pieces. She grooms Hannah, and does the "Bichon" haircut great.  We live one hour away, but I've tried several other places, and she does the best. We really like the pictures Masako takes of her and sends them to us. We don't mind driving the hour, because it's worth it!

by Susie, St. Helens, OR

I heard about Bow Wow Happy from another very satisfied customer. Our Miniature Schnauzer, Buster, had been so fearful of the noisy equipment used in the grooming process, that our vet. prescribed a mild tranquilizer. Masako said, "Let's try it without medicine," and she was able to groom him beautifully with no drugs! She is so kind, and so professional. I appreciate that she listens carefully and follows our instructions/requests perfectly. Buster is never "trembly" when we get to Bow Wow Happy but marches right in the door. In addition, the environment she has created around her home is serene and peaceful--I enjoy waiting there while Buster is being groomed, so it's like an "outing" for me, too. There are groomers closer to our home, but we'd never go to anyone else.

by Marilee, Wood Village, OR

We drive to Gresham from inner SE Portland so that Masako can groom our Maltipoo. We love her service and her. I recommend her highly.

by Jan, Portland OR

I've only used the nail trim services (I have bulldogs), but Masako has done great with them. At home, I am unable to trim their nails, but they happily walk in to see Masako and let her get the job done :)

by Tammi, Gresham, OR

Bowwow Happy is an incredible place to take your pet. Masako is so very passionate about caring for pets. She is personal with the owner and not to mention the pets love her! She is always willing to go the extra mile for my pet and again, she always asks how I am doing and how my daughter is doing. One word to describe Bowwow Happy, EXCELLENT service!!!! If I drive from Woodland, WA almost 60 miles one way, you know the service is exceptional.

by Noelle, Woodland, WAType your paragraph here.