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Grooming Policies
Dogs with bad skin problems, ear or eye problems, have scabs or open sores or appear weak (white gums), will not be groomed. Please consult your vet immediately. 
Rabies vaccination must be current. 

Estimated Pricing for Services 
(Prices will depend on overall condition of dog and the actual time required to properly groom your pet.)

 Standard grooming  

Includes hydro massage shampoo bath, anal sac expression (by request), toenail trimming, ear canal cleaning,  breed specific hair cut, bow or bandana
                                         Under 5 lb.               $55
                                         5~ 10 lb.                   $60
                                         10 ~ 15 lb.                $65
                                         15 ~ 20 lb.                $70
                                         20~35 lb.                  $75


Shampoo & Brush out
Includes hydro massage shampoo bath, anal sac expression(by request), toenail
trimming, ear canal cleaning, (NO HAIRCUT) brush out, bow or bandana 

                                        Under 5 lb.                  $30
                                        5~10 lb.                       $35
                                        10~15 lb.                     $40
                                        15~20lb.                      $45
                                         20~35 lb.                    $60 ~


Touch up grooming ala carte (NO Shampoo Bath)  

                                        * Nail cut or Grinding     $10
                                        * Nail polish    $10
                                        * Teeth Brushing    $10
                                        * Face trim, feet tidy, privates and between the pads, nail cut     $25and up

*****Matted dogs will be charged brush out fee $5.00 or more.*****

Severely matted dogs will need to be shaved.Discounts offered for Service Dogs and Guide Dogs 
I use only high quality shampoo. (Les Pooch, Isle of Dogs, Nature's Choice.) 
If your dog requires specialized shampoos/rinses, please arrange with me ahead of time. 

  Hours    8:00am-7:00pm (Last Appointment 6:30pm)

  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.